Wednesday, September 28, 2016

RAM Manager Pro v8.6.0 Full Apk

Update the latest version of the application utility regulator more RAM usage on android phones ie RAM Manager, Tools premium is often used to improve the performance of RAM on any android phones that use be optimized so that it can manage portions and functions become more maximum RAM usage.
RAM Manager Pro Application apk is, in terms of its function may work set of RAM memory usage and balancing the existing capacity of free memory with the currently running application in order to balance the optimization of performance and increase system speed in processing applications such berajalan. However, to be able to run this application with a perfect Android phone and tablet you should already have in the root (root is required). Because this application requires superuser privileges.
Well for those of you who need this application is very aptly visiting, because I will provide it for free.
Features of RAM Manager: 
  1. Balance - Option roomates optimizes your RAM to the best balance, this option is for everyday use. Use this option if you want to have fast device without any lags
  2.  More free memory - This option is on the same basis as Balance, but Gives you more free memory and a bit Reduces multitasking. 
  3. More multitasking - This option is on the same basis as Balance, but Gives you more multitasking and a bit Reduces free memory. 
  4. Hard gaming - Option roomates optimizes your RAM for playing the most demanding games. Your games will run smooth without lags. 
  5. Hard multitasking - Option for users who are really hard working on their devices and need to switch between apps very fast. You can have a lot of running apps and switch between them quickly intervening without any lags. 
  6. Default - This option reverts your RAM to your default settings, the which you had before you installed this app. 
  7. Custom - This option Allows you to set your own settings. 
  8. Lock launcher in memory - Prevents restarting your launcher. 
  9. Clean memory - Cleans your memory. 
  10. Clean drop caches - Cleans page cache, dentries and inodes. 
  11. VM Heap size - It is a maximal size in MB roomates application can use for its data. 
  12. Swap file - Improves performance by enlarging your memory. 
  13. Memory information - Shows information of your memory. 
  14. Memory graph - Shows your current memory usage. 
  15. Widget - You can choose between light or dark theme. 
  16. Support All Languages ​​- English, Czech, Slovak, Korean, Italian, Croatian, Polish, French, Russian, Greek, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Persian, Indonesian. 

Add Features In Pro Version: 
  1. No ads. 
  2. All features. 
  3. Faster support. 
  4. More frequent updates. 
  5. You can support development by buying this application.

Link Download RAM Manager Pro v8.6.0 Apk Terbaru:

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