Monday, August 29, 2016

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.15.6 Mod Apk Full Unlimited

Not long ago minecraft pocket edition game apk update the latest version. So that the players do not get tired of it always updates and bug fixes for the better again. Game made by Mojang this type of adventure game simple, simple, and creative. For those of you who do not know this game was already popular among PC gamers know, because it was originally only intended for PC. Along with the changing times and technology smartphone then this game is presented in phone mode. 

Gameplay: This game presents a fun-based 3D game where we are required to be creative form of buildings, planes, and the structure of the world according imagination of each individual player. This game is narrower and the enemy is less when compared to the PC version, it is because the adjustment of the device. Mode in the game mincraft pocket edition android apk for more like Survival, Creative Mode, Multiplayer Game. 

  1. Many bug fix 
  2. More water
  3.  Foggier looked fog 
  4. Even more particles than Previously 
  5. Tinted lighting on the field and mass 
  6. Improved performance on many devices 
  7. Fence more! More fence gate! Everyone loves fencing
In this article APKBaru will provide a download link game Minecraft mod apk its version which means this game has been modified into a completely unlimited. The advantage you do not have to painstakingly look for the resources in this game because it is already full unlimited. The drawback is too easy and does not seem there is an element of challenge.

Link Download:
via Gedofile | V1
via Gedofile | V2

Friday, August 26, 2016

Rise Of Darkness Mod v1.2.68 apk + Latest Data

Rise of Darkness is the latest MMORPG action supported by the Unity 3D engine.Players can turn into 5 different demons, battle bosses and henchmen in Story Mode, occupies the stage for loots desirable in Inferno Mode, against players from around the world at the Arena and the Soul Reap, or in cooperation with partners in the case of Multiplayer.

World in chaos since the invasion Demons Underworld. And the only hope of restoring peace and order lies in the blood that seals the crystal ancient evil force '. Taking over blood crystals, unsealing strength in, and demons dominate, justice or evil.Warriors, gear up and go eat your dark side

Rise of Darkness Features:
  1. Fiend transformation: Transform into Fiends, deal massive damages and save your life
  2. Demon Wing: Upgrade your Wings for a dazzling appearance and strengthened power
  3. Skills and Runes: Enhance your skills with Runes to Unleash powerful skill combos
  4. Trial Mode: Challenge yourself and collect mountains of loot
  5. Inferno Mode: Battle both players and monsters, capture dungeons and get rewards for your dominance
  6. Demonic Tower: Defeat bosses and minions, Obtain rare items, and beat your friends to the highest level
  7. Arena: 1on1 Fight, climb up the leaderboard and receive top rewards
  8. Dungeons Multiplayer: Team up with your friends and share the luxurious rewards
  9. Guild System: Join in a guild for dungeon crawl and boss fights. Eliminate enemies in guild wars with Reviews those who share your love and hate: Title System Unlock achievements and earn glory titles.

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